December 21st, 2016

    The article that I am writing has been re-written a hundred times, because I have to remind myself that you do not have to express all of your opinions at the same time. I have (honestly) nearly finished the final version, which includes proposals for changes to existing Natural Constants, so you want to get it right, or at least, very clear.  

  The present constants are so different from one another that it seems that they were independently chosen by Scientists as being accidentally constant. But they are a most essential part of the mechanism for the enforcement of Natural Laws, and should have the same format. The Universe is Symetrical in design, even if that were something that evolved by trial and error.

     My proposal is that, since the speed of light is a simple function of two Natural Variables, then all Natural Constants should be functions that are ratios or products of each combination of all Natural Variables. The exception being for mass, which, if energy is a Natural Constant, should be a dimensionless quantity of units of matter, and be needed only to calculate the number of lines of force between bodies.


    Raymond George Davies


'Halos in the Heavens', my book that describes the Gravity Study and Theory, was published by Kindle Books earlier this year, and is available to be downloaded, for a small charge. The essays were written during the Gravity Study and some ideas have changed, but the basic concept has not.