i                                                        March 23rd 2020

   The website is now being updated after a long period of changing homes and researching a subject that is of great interest to me as a licensed Pilot.

     The subject of the safety of flying aircraft in strong winds has been a subject of discussion for a long time. It is a question of relativity and the conservation of energy, which are both deceptively simple and not well understood, even by some who are otherwise considered to be experts.

     I will be posting a paper on the subject that  I suspect will not be well received, because there are two points of view on it. Each point of view considers the opposite point of view as being a myth.
    The 'fact' is that in turning out of a headwind, there is a serious increased risk of stalling. It is caused by two things. The first is that to turn an aircraft can use a lot of extra energy even in still air. The second is that the momentum of an aircraft is determined by the ground speed.
    The aircraft flying in a wind flies relative to the air in the wind mass, but the wind mass is not the Earth. Even Einstein's equation for kinetic energy had only one mass in it. The Earth's mass is so large that you can ignore it, but a wind's mass cannot be ignored. Believe it or not. You also need the period of the system.


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'Halos in the Heavens', my book that describes the Gravity Study and Theory, was published by Kindle Books earlier this year, and is available to be downloaded, for a small charge. The essays were written during the Gravity Study and some ideas have changed, but the basic concept has not.